On October 1, 2013, God called Rev Joe C. Long Jr. to pastor Progressive Community Baptist Church.  Pastor Long is a Godly man of great faith, strong in spirit and full of love. 


Personal Statement of Salvation and Call to Ministry

I was raised attending church with my mother, father and siblings. During my teenage years I experienced a separation from the church, but remembered my biblical foundations. I returned to the church in my early 20’s upon relocating to Springfield, MA and was baptized as an adult on October 4, 1992 at Canaan Baptist Church. Soon thereafter, I experienced a rough time, but God graciously grew me in the wisdom of His Word through godly family members, mentors and the preaching of His Word. I have been seeking to grow and be more obedient to his Gospel ever since. I received my call to ministry in 2005. My pastor, friends and family helped me to realize that I loved the Church and that I wanted to teach and preach the Gospel. After struggling with this call and the seriousness of it, I surrendered to it in 2008 and preached my trial sermon in September 2008. I can sincerely say that I desire to do nothing else but preach and teach the Gospel and oversee the souls of the Church. I believe that the message of the cross and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, when taught and preached in its fullness and without compromise has the power to deliver, transform lives and set captives free. 

Doctrinal Belief

I believe in God the Father, who sovereignly created and rules over all things, Jesus the Son, who came to offer eternal life to those who would repent, believe, and faithfully obey him, and the Holy Spirit, who is actively working in the lives of believers. I believe the Bible to be the infallible and inspired Word of God, sufficient for all the Church’s needs, including primarily its growth in holiness to the Lord. 
Joe C. Long Jr., Pastor